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Duane is a trainer with a difference. Still active in the car business, Duane brings a new perspective to sales training that meets today’s educated, internet savvy, consumer head on. “The internet has changed the way everyone buys, so logically it should change the way you sell! Some buyers know more than your sales people and most are ready to buy when they hit your dealership. Old school tactics of “Slowing Down the Sale” and “Staying Off Price” will frustrate both the buyer and the sales person and will cost you sales. In particular, employee success and retention can be difficult with sales people as they cannot relate to the old style car dog shenanigans most dealerships and trainers are still advocating.

Duane Marino, CEO of Autoversity Car Sales Training
Virtual Interactivity

Virtual Interactivity

Uniquely designed testing mechanisms allow users to actively participate and engage during sales training to foster comprehension and retention.

Easy To Use Interface

Easy To Use Interface

The web-based interactive training and communication platform makes navigation simple for all skill levels. Log in and you’ll be able to begin training with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Built In Accountability

Built In Accountability

State-of-the-art, integrated features track, measure and monitor progress with comprehensive reports and alert notifications directly to email or SMS in real-time.

Autoversity Online Training Includes:

  • Build Awareness & Your Network – You can’t sell a secret so don’t be one, and when your network builds so does your net worth

  • Mental Hygiene & Attitude – Nothing is more contagious than your attitude so make sure it’s worth catching

  • Study Your Craft – You can’t have FLOW if you haven’t mastered your trade

  • Update Your Sales Language – You never want to sound like the other sales people they have not bought from

  • Sold or Need To Be Sold – We don’t want to make the mistake of turning a Transaction Ready buyer back into a researcher

  • … and much more!

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I could have had anybody in the world do my talk at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit with me, and I picked Duane. We’ve become good friends ever since. Do not miss the opportunity to see him live. He’s the new real deal.
Joe Girard, Best Selling Author, Detroit, USA
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Truly outstanding reality and enthusiastic truth about how the customer has evolved but the sales process has not kept pace with the buyer. My team loved it. Thanks Duane!
Allan Calvert, Sales Manager, Lexus of London
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I was a lot porter and when I started selling cars my dealership sent me to see Duane. I was told to sit down, shut up and listen to everything he had to say. I took it one step further. I actually did what he said when I got back. The ‘senior’ sales people didn’t like me too much, because I started to immediately out-sell them. I have since moved to a different city for personal reasons, practice the same techniques, have NEVER taken lot traffic unless I’m forced to, make well over $100,000 a year, and work less hours than anyone else in the store. He’s a freak and he’s golden. Thanks so much Duane for all you’ve taught me.
Tyler Sage, Sales Professional, Georgian GM, Canada
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I was a little intimidated by the over 100 people crowding around the doors to get in, but I sold FIFTEEN, yes 15, cars in the 3 days following your workshop as a result of the tips you gave me. I took away a great deal, and I know this is the key to take me to the next level. I now do over 400 cars a year. I’m looking forward to learning more on MarinoTV. Your new FLOW Selling is EXACTLY in tune with today’s market and I was TOTALLY tuned in. You are so refreshing and current, unlike our other training provider. Thanks again!
Mary Lou Slobodian, Sales Professional, Performance Hyundai
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For over 40 years, I have hand picked and co-created the careers of the best trainers and speakers such as Jackie B.Cooper, Grant Cardone, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and many, many more. Duane Marino is the trainer of today and embodies the best traits of the best in his field, past and present. He not only understands the market and the inner workings of a store, he can actually do what he teaches in a store personally and does so regularly on his own car lot and at stores across the nation. I can say that every salesperson, manager and dealer should take advantage of what he has to offer, from phone to sales to closing skills, management training, F&I and sales psychology. HE’S YOUR MAN.
Bob Mohr, Bob Mohr and Associates, USA, Canada, Australia, England
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While in the midst of the worst economic downturn and automotive contraction the United States has ever seen, we knew we needed something different, fresh, motivating and effective to help our dealers get out of the slump. So we sought the best we could find and found Duane in Canada, flew him in to our Washington studio and he did a 2 hour Power Talk, broadcast across the nation. The feedback was instant, awesome and unanimous. He’ll be back soon for another show.
Jeff Sleete, Vice President, Sinclair Broadcasting Company, Baltimore, USA
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I started doing F&I at Ford. After watching a lot of your videos so far in the last 5 months and then taking this course this week I feel like this will be a big game changer for me. Since May of 2016 until Dec my average was 742 for those months…. I started this year off with an average of 1846 for 16 deals in January, this week could not have come at a better time for me as I can already see how this is going to help me in my career as an FSM…. I know we are not quite done yet but I just wanted to say thank you as your way of training is one of the best styles I have ever been a part of, and I can’t wait to contact you in 6 months down the road to let you know how my averages have changed.
Shaun Schedler, Vice President, Peninsula Ford Broadcasting Company, Baltimore, USA
Duane Marino's Autoversity Online car sales training testimonial image 7
When I first attended your F&I training I was brand new to the Business Office. Being new, and having no track to run on, your approach just made sense to me, so I took the time to PDRO (Practice Drill Rehearse Outloud) every single day until I had memorized your entire presentation. The results were immediate. To make sure I wasn’t making any mistakes I returned to your F&I class within a few months to ensure I was mastering everything properly. I have never had an average below $2000 since first taking your workshop, and now enjoy about a $3500 average. As you know, over the past decade or so I return to your class once a year just to brush up and see what’s new. I’ve been exposed to both step selling and menu selling from every trainer out there and without a doubt your F&I FLOW Selling kicks both their asses!
Chris E. Hogue, Muskoka Chrysler
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Before attending your FLOW Selling workshop I was being trained to “Slow Down The Sale” and “Stay Off Price” along with a myriad of other 1980’s techniques. Your process made so much sense to me, I found ways to put it into place immediately, even though the rest of my dealership wasn’t on the program. What happened? I am consistently doubling and sometimes tripling my income from where it was before I met you…and this all started the month after the course. It’s been over a year now, and it just keeps better and easier. I watch your videos and review your material and I can say your FLOW is better, stronger and faster than anything else out there! Thank you!!
Shaun Kisling, Valley Mitsubishi
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